Thailand will open the fifth stage of unblocking, intends to allow some foreigners to enter, June 30, comprehensive report, Thailand will officially start the fifth phase of the epidemic prevention measures from July 1st, and all legally licensed night entertainment venues can resume business, all public and private schools Resume class. In addition, Thailand will allow some foreigners to enter.

Thailand’s “World Daily” reported that the epidemic management center spokesman Tavi Sin said on June 29 that permitted nightclubs, bars, karaoke shops, massage parlours and other entertainment venues must strictly abide by hygiene The Ministry's anti-epidemic regulations, if confirmed cases occur in the store, will be punished according to law.

Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" said that Tavisim also said that from July 1, Thailand will allow some foreigners to enter the country. These include spouses and children of foreigners with work permits, foreigners with Thai spouses, foreigners with permanent residency, foreign students and their parents, and foreigners visiting Thailand for medical services. Day isolation.

Another type of foreigners allowed to enter the country are business people and professional technicians from countries or regions that have signed special bilateral agreements with the Thai government, and no more than 200 people per day. If the entry time of the above-mentioned personnel reaches or exceeds 14 days, they must be quarantined for 14 days; if the entry time is shorter than 14 days, they do not need to be quarantined, but nucleic acid detection is required, and public transportation is not allowed in Thailand.

Source: 中国新闻网

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