Nepalese Foreign Minister: Nepal and China have no border dispute

Nepal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jawali (video screenshot) < /p>, June 30th Recently, after the Indian media and the Nepalese opposition speculated about the so-called "Chinese occupation of Nepalese land", the Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had on the 25th local time A statement on its official website refuted the false reports. On the 29th local time, Nepalese Foreign Minister Javali once again made it clear that there is no border dispute between Nepal and China, and advised certain media not to distribute fake news that affects relations between the two countries.

According to multiple media reports including Nepal Khabarhub, at a meeting of the Nepalese National Assembly on the 29th, Javali said: "I want to clarify some misleading and false news about the border between Nepal and China. (Nepal) The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has clarified this point, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also clarified that there is no dispute between the border between Nepal and China."

Javali also pointed out that the Nepalese government is studying Based on the sources of these fake news, and advised the media not to publish such false reports that will affect bilateral relations between China and Nigeria. In addition, several members of the Communist Party of Nepal, the National Congress and the Socialist Party also suggested actions at the meeting to oppose any wrongdoing that might endanger the friendship between the two countries.

Previously, after certain media accused "China's occupation of Nepalese villages", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal issued a statement on its official website to emphasize: "The media's reports on the border between Nepal and China and the occupation of Nepal's territory caused the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal. The news is said to be based on the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock’s “report”, but the Ministry of Agriculture has refuted and clarified that such “report” does not exist, and the issue of territorial disputes does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture. "The Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also mentioned at the end of the statement that if there are any problems, the Nepalese government will negotiate with the relevant departments of the two countries to resolve each other. "The Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires the media to verify the information provided by the relevant authorities before commenting on sensitive issues that may adversely affect the relationship between these two friendly neighbors." (Overseas Network Zhang Ni)

Source: 海外网

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