Mass infection in Rome, Italy, June 30. According to a report from the European Union, the European Union News Agency reported that in the past few days, there have been many cluster infections in the Italian capital of Rome. The city government of Rome was diagnosed by some staff, and the city government building was temporarily closed for full disinfection. Roman health officials reminded the public that the COVID-19 epidemic was not over, and the public still needed to be vigilant and strengthen anti-epidemic measures.

June 1, the capital of Italy Rome, the Colosseum reopened. For epidemic prevention, visitors are required to wear masks, measure body temperature and disinfect their hands when entering the venue.

According to reports, the Health Bureau of the Lazio region of Italy reported on the 29th that 7 people have been diagnosed with family infections in the two municipalities of Anzio and Ardea in the Roman province; the Philippines Twelve people were diagnosed at two restaurants in Fiumicino. Currently, the health department is tracking close contacts and expanding virus screening.

The municipal government of Fiumicino stated that the two restaurants in the city where the infection occurred were the same owner. On the 28th, 8 people in the owner's restaurant confirmed that they included 2 shareholders, 2 employees, and 4 people who lived with the employees. On the 29th, the owner's other restaurant again found 4 diagnosed patients, and both restaurants are currently closed.

Mayor Fino Micino (Esterino Montino) said that the health department has conducted nucleic acid tests on 1,300 people who have been in contact with patients diagnosed with the restaurant and are waiting for the results of the test.

In addition, according to the Rome City Government notice, a city government office building on Via Ostiense in Rome City, because some staff members tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, the city government decided to close The office building will be reopened after full disinfection.

The office building of the Rome City Government on Ostiensee Avenue is a comprehensive office building. The institutions that work here include the office of the city government’s general coordination secretariat, the Bureau of Economic Resources, the Personnel Bureau, and strategic planning and control. Dozens of government functions such as offices.

Local media pointed out that it is unclear the specific number of people infected in the office building of the city of Rome. The report only indicated that some staff tested positive for nucleic acid. The city government office building has frequent personnel exchanges, with hundreds of people entering and leaving every day. Any potential epidemic crisis will pose a great threat to public health security. (Boyuan)

Source: 中国新闻网

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