Japanese institutions: Japan’s loss of activities due to outbreaks or over 3 trillion yen

Zhongxin.com, June 30. According to a report by Japan’s Oriental New Daily, the projection data released by the Japan Policy Investment Bank on the 29th shows that affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, from March to May 2020, concerts and sports across Japan Events such as competitions and exhibitions have been largely suspended or postponed, resulting in economic losses of more than 3 trillion yen.

Information: the picture is local time People wearing masks cross the street on May 25 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

According to reports, the losses caused by the suspension of the event include not only tickets, venue usage fees, and labor costs, but also accommodation and catering costs.

In the three months to May, 1116 festivals hosted by local governments were suspended or cancelled, and the economic loss was 1.7411 trillion yen; more than 10,000 music and drama activities were suspended or Cancellation, the loss is 904.8 billion yen; 1150 sports games are suspended or canceled, the loss is 268.8 billion yen.

July to August in previous years was the peak season for events. If these events continue to be suspended or postponed, the economic losses caused will continue to expand.

Source: 中国新闻网

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