Voiced a collective petition for more than 300,000 Chinese women beaten by Canadian Mounted Police

Overseas.net, June 30th< /em> The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has continued to receive attention for violence against Chinese women, and has spoken for Chinese women. More than 300,000 people have participated in online petitions.

According to the "Washington Post" and the petition website Change.org news, Chinese Canadian student Mona Wang (Mona Wang) on ​​the 23rd of this month to a Canadian royal named Lacy Browning (Lacy Browning) The Mounted Police filed a lawsuit, pointing directly to a physical and mental abuse in a violent law enforcement incident in January this year.

After the incident, Mona’s encounter attracted the attention of Canadian public opinion. Many people were angry about the behavior of the Mounted Police and initiated a petition online, asking for justice for the Chinese woman. Up to now, more than 300,000 people have signed on the online petition website for Mona.

The incident occurred as early as January. Mounted Police Browning rushed to the scene after receiving a call from Mona’s boyfriend for help. Suspected that after Mona suffered mental health problems, he attacked him in a brutal way. Take Mona to the hospital for examination.

The lawsuit inspection report shows that Mona's face was bruised, blood vessels in her left eye ruptured, her right eye was swollen, and her right temple was bruised. At the same time, surveillance video released by the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Canada also showed that during the enforcement process, the Mounted Police dragged Mona to the corridor and slammed her head with her feet.

As of now, the case is still under investigation Among. Those who participated in the petition pointed out that “Browning must not be allowed to hurt Mona again”, and also claimed that Browning not only did not complete the work properly, but also abused Mona and lied that the other party took drugs. They also called for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the government to fire Browning and bring charges against them. (Overseas/Li Meng)

Source: 海外网

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