Maskville order issued in Jacksonville, Florida, White House says Trump will abide by local requirements

China News Agency, Houston, June 29. Jacksonville, Florida, USA announced on the 29th that because of the rising number of local COVID-19 cases, the government requires people to wear masks in public indoors. The National Congress of the Republican Party of the United States will be held in the city in August. The Republican National Committee said in a statement that Republicans would abide by local health regulations.

The New York Times said that the National Congress of the Republican Party of the United States is scheduled to be held from August 24 to 27 this year. A few days ago, Republicans changed the meeting location from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida. The move was designed to avoid wearing masks and maintaining social distance during the meeting.

American media "Politician" website said that Trump has always refused to wear a mask. In the last two campaign rallies, Trump did not wear a mask. The US media only photographed Trump at the end of May when he was visiting a Ford car factory in Michigan. Trump wore a mask.

The Republican National Committee of the United States said in a written statement on the 29th that if the mask order was still being implemented in Jacksonville at the end of August, Republicans would abide by this rule.

White House Press Secretary Kelly McNani said at the press conference that day, "President Trump said that wearing a mask is his choice. Whether to wear a mask is everyone's personal choice. He Encourage people to make decisions that are most beneficial to their safety. But he did tell me that he had no problems with masks and would follow local regulations."

According to Johns Hopkins University The data show that as of 11:00 pm EDT on the 29th, the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 2.58 million cases, more than 126,000 deaths, and more than 146,000 confirmed cases in Florida. (End)

Source: 中国新闻网

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