New York protesters threw glass bottles and other debris into police cars, litter and debris

[New York protesters toss glass bottles and other debris to police cars, garbage and debris everywhere] According to CNN (Cable News Network), on the evening of June 27, local time, New York, USA The life of a black man is also a fate. At the scene of the protest, a group of people threw glass bottles and other debris into the police car, and the garbage was everywhere. According to reports, the police rushed to the scene immediately after the shooting on 133rd Street and Adam Clayton Powell Avenue in Harlem. The New York Police Department said that when the police arrived at the scene, they tried to disperse about 500 people at the scene, when the crowd began to throw bottles and other garbage at the police in the car. The report said that the protest continued until the morning of the 28th. According to the police, the windshield of a police car and the window on the driver’s side were damaged, but no policemen or citizens were injured.

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