Thailand will conditionally open international flights from July 1

On June 30th, Chula Sukmanop, Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of Thailand (EXAT), signed a relevant announcement on allowing civil aircraft to enter and leave Thailand. The relevant regulations of Article 28 and Article 28 will conditionally allow the following international flights to enter and exit Thailand or provide airport departure and landing services for international flights, as follows:

1. Aircraft that were previously approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand and were not "fly-free":

(1) State-owned or military aircraft;

(2) Emergency landing aircraft;


(3) Technical landing flights, aircraft without passengers leaving;

(4) Aircraft participating in medical services providing humanitarian assistance or aircraft that will deliver COVID-19 rescue materials;

(5) Overseas Chinese returning to Thailand or repatriating by plane;

(6) Cargo plane.

Second, all passenger planes carrying the following people are allowed to enter and leave Thailand from 00:01 on July 1st:

(1) has Thai nationality Personnel;

(2) Due to special circumstances or special personnel invited by the Prime Minister or other government departments to enter the country (the time and conditions of entry may be specified);

(3) The spouse and children of Thai nationals;

(4) Non-Thai nationals with permanent residence permits;

(5) Those who work legally or hold a legal work visa in Thailand Non-Thai nationals, their spouses and children;

(6) Related personnel for necessary supplies transportation, but must leave the country immediately after the completion of work;

(7) Work according to their own Vehicle baggage management personnel with a clear nature of entry time;

(8) Non-Thai students or foreign students of Thai educational institutions, their parents or guardians;

(9) Entry to Thailand Non-Thai nationals performing overseas medical treatment, but not receiving treatment for COVID-19;

(10) Embassy, ​​diplomatic missions, international organizations, government invited persons or foreign government agencies or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allow Persons coming to Thailand to perform official duties, including their parents and children;

(Reporter Chen Lincong)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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