Bangladesh shipwreck killed at least 32 people

According to Bangladesh media reports, a ferry carrying 50 to 60 passengers near the Briganga Sadar Ghat ferry terminal not far from the capital Dhaka at around 9 am local time "ML Morningbird" was sunk after being hit by another ferry "Peacock 2" from the rear.

After the accident, Bangladesh’s Land and Water Transport Bureau, fire department, police, coast guard and naval diving team immediately launched an active rescue operation. At 22:00 that night, the firefighter rescued a survivor and sent him to the hospital for treatment. The fire chief said that thanks to the "air bag" formed somewhere in the cabin after the ferry capsized, this passenger could survive 13 hours underwater. As of 2400 that night, disaster relief personnel had recovered 32 bodies of the victims. However, fire department officials said that as rescue efforts continue, the number of people killed in shipwrecks may increase.

Bali Minister of Shipping, Cali De Mahmud Chowdhury inspected the scene of the accident and watched the surveillance video that day, saying that this is not like an accident, but like "planned". Bangladesh police have filed a lawsuit against seven people including the owner of the "Peacock 2" ferry.

The Bangladesh Land and Water Transport Bureau will pass The Shipping Accident Fund issued 150,000 Taka (approximately RMB 12,444) in compensation to each family member of the victims. The Inland Water Transport Bureau will provide 10,000 Taka (approximately RMB 830) for each victim, and the Dhaka Administrative Region will provide 20,000 Taka (approximately 1,660 RMB) burial fees for each victim. The Bangladesh government requires the establishment of a seven-person investigation committee and submits an investigation report within seven days.

There are many rivers in Bangladesh, and ferry boats have become an important means of transportation. Factors such as overloaded crew members, bad weather, and poor ship conditions have caused frequent shipwreck accidents. (Reporter Yu Guangyue)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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