Epidemic situation rebounds. Many European countries strive to balance "unblocking" and epidemic prevention

Xinhua News Agency, Valletta, June 29th, Xinhua News Agency reporters in Europe reported: With the release of COVID-19 prevention and control measures in many European countries, the epidemic has rebounded, and Europe is facing the risk of a second wave of epidemic. However, under the downward pressure of the economy, countries are striving to find a balance between "unblocking" and epidemic prevention.

The epidemic situation in many countries has rebounded

Newly confirmed cases in Switzerland have shown a rebound trend recently. Swiss media reported on the 29th that a nightclub in Zurich had a mass transmission incident on the evening of the 21st, and 300 relevant personnel who participated in the event that night have been isolated.

Austria has witnessed a large increase in the number of confirmed cases for several consecutive days, and the number of existing confirmed cases has once again climbed to more than 600 people. Health Minister Ansho Bell said on the 29th that the virus did not "take a vacation" and the people still need to remain highly vigilant. In the next step, the government will strengthen the implementation of regionalized prevention and control measures to quickly extinguish the "fires" that appear in different regions.

Serbia has more than 200 newly diagnosed cases for consecutive days. Due to the severe epidemic, the cities of New Pazar and Kragujevac in southwestern Serbia declared a state of emergency recently. The Serbian government website issued a statement on the 29th, announcing that from the 30th, in the capital Belgrade, everyone must wear a mask in indoor public places and public transportation.

Ireland entered the third stage of social and economic restart on the 29th, and another batch of commercial and service facilities resumed business. However, the Ministry of Health quoted experts as saying in a statement that the Irish epidemic has recently seen some “worrying trends”: the number of newly confirmed cases has increased, and there have been some clustered outbreaks. Related to international travel.

The number of confirmed cases in Slovenia and Latvia has also rebounded recently. According to analysis, they are all related to international travel.

Balance between “unblocking” and epidemic prevention

The Romanian epidemic has rebounded since mid-June, especially the number of young people infected has increased, and some hospitals There is a shortage of beds. Romanian Prime Minister Orban told the media on the 29th that the rebound of the epidemic "forced us to be very cautious when taking follow-up relaxation measures." Orban said that he will convene a meeting of all cabinet members on July 1 to discuss and make a decision on whether to implement the fourth phase of the relaxation measures as originally planned.

Bavaria, Germany announced on the 28th that it will provide free COVID-19 tests for the entire state as soon as possible according to personal wishes. This is the first federal state in Germany to propose universal testing. However, German Health Minister Spencer said on the 29th that the detection should be targeted, otherwise it will lead to a false sense of security and overload Germany's current detection capabilities.

Beginning on June 8, the British government requires inbound British passengers except from very few regions to isolate themselves for 14 days. The British government said in a statement on the 29th that it plans to begin relaxing the prevention and control measures for British outbreaks in the short term.

However, after the partial unblocking of Italy, the earliest "occupied" Italy continued to ease the epidemic. According to data released by the Italian Ministry of Health on the 29th, the number of COVID-19 deaths in the country on that day was the lowest since February 24 this year. (Note: Yuan Yun; participating reporters: Guo Qun, Chen Junxia, ​​Zhang Yirong, Zhang Jiawei, Lin Huifen, Shi Zhongyu, Chen Zhanjie, Yu Tao, Zhang Qi, Guo Mingfang, He Miao, Jiang Xue, Zhang Zhang, Peng Lijun)

Source: 新华网

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