Mongolia reported a case of initial diagnosis of plague

Xinhua News Agency, Ulaanbaatar, June 30 (Reporter Asgang) The Mongolian National Zoonosis Research Center released news on June 30 that the Chechege County of Kobdo Province in the west of the country appeared 1 Cases were initially diagnosed as plague. The patient is currently being treated in isolation.

According to reports, a 27-year-old herdsman suffered from discomfort after illegally preying on marmots. On the 28th, he was sent to hospital for treatment and was initially diagnosed with plague. The patient is currently in critical condition. Relevant departments have isolated 33 close contacts and observed them, and local martial law measures have been taken in some areas of Kobdo province.

Marmots are commonly known as woodchucks. The plague is a bacterial infectious disease, spread mainly by fleas that live on wild rodents such as woodchucks.

The Mongolian National Zoonosis Research Center calls on the public not to eat marmot meat for the health of themselves and the surrounding population. Experts in epidemic prevention called on the relevant government departments of the country to step up efforts to control the illegal hunting of marmots to fundamentally eliminate the risk of contracting plague.

Source: 新华网

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