The United States sanctions Hong Kong for plotting to obstruct Hong Kong-related national security legislation. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China is not intimidating!

According to reports, on June 29, US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement on the State Department’s website that as China advances national security legislation in Hong Kong, the United States will end the export of US-made defense equipment (to China) on the same day, and will It imposes the same restrictions on the national defense and military-civilian technology exported to Hong Kong as in mainland China. On the same day, the US Department of Commerce also issued a statement on this.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at today’s (30th) regular press conference: On the issue of Hong Kong’s national security legislation, China has stated its solemn position many times. This issue is purely China’s internal affairs. No foreign country has the right to interfere. The Chinese government's determination to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests is unswerving, its determination to implement the policy of one country, two systems is unswerving, and its determination to oppose any external forces to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs is unswerving. China is not intimidating. The United States’ attempt to obstruct China’s advancement of Hong Kong’s national security legislation through so-called sanctions will never succeed. In response to the wrong actions of the US, China will take necessary countermeasures and firmly safeguard its own national interests.

(Reporter CCTV reporter Shen Yang Li Wenting)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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