6693 new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Russia

According to the information released by the official website of the Russian COVID-19 virus epidemic prevention website, as of 10:30 on June 30, Moscow time, in the past 24 hours, 6693 new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Russia, and a total of 647849 cases were diagnosed; 154 new deaths were added A total of 9320 deaths occurred; 9220 new cases were cured, and 412650 cases were cured.

There are 745 newly confirmed cases in the capital city of Moscow, with a total of 221,598 cases. Up to now, more than 19.5 million new coronavirus tests have been conducted in Russia, and nearly 290,000 people are under medical isolation observation. (Headquarters reporter Zhu Jing)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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