Singapore election nominations announced

June 30 is Singapore’s election nomination day. According to the procedure, 192 candidates from 11 parties have completed the nomination process and formally contested 93 seats in 31 parliaments across the country. The ruling party, the People’s Action Party, will participate in seat competition in all constituencies. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong once again led a five-member team to play in his traditional constituency Hongmaoqiao constituency.

The second son of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Li Guangyao and his brother Li Xianyang appeared in Li Guangyao’s former constituency that morning as the opposition party’s platform, but he did not run for election. Li Xianyang said that Singapore does not need an additional Li politician.

The campaign plan of the People’s Action Party is "to protect lives, guarantee work, and create a better future". Call on the public to give the current government a strong mandate to overcome the serious challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic. The goal of the 10 opposition parties is to negotiate and win a third of the seats in Congress. In this general election, more than 20 senior politicians including State Affairs Minister Wu Zuodong and Opposition Workers' Party Leader Liu Chengqiang announced their retirement.

This general election is the 18th general election held by Singapore since independence, and it is also the 13th election of the People’s Action Party of Singapore since Singapore became the autonomous state in 1959. The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore stipulates that Singapore adopts representative democracy. Representatives elected by Singapore citizens form a government and rule Singapore on their behalf. Since the 1959 general election, the People’s Action Party has been able to win most parliamentary seats in the general election and become the ruling party. (Deng Xuemei, CCTV reporter at the station)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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