Afghan security forces kill 65 Taliban militants

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, June 30 (Reporter Chen Xin Zou Delu) Afghan government officials said on the 30th that since the afternoon of 29th, Afghan security forces have clashed with Taliban armed forces in many places across the country, killing 65 of the organization. Militants.

A spokesman for the provincial government of Judzjan in northern Afghanistan, Abdul Malouf Azar, told Xinhua on the 30th that a group of Taliban militants in the afternoon of the 29th local time in the province of Karkin At one of the security checkpoints, the security forces then counterattacked, killing 35 militants and forcing them to retreat. Hazard said another 25 militants were injured in the conflict. In the security forces, 2 people were killed and 3 injured.

Azar also confirmed that the security forces fighter jets launched an air strike on the Taliban hideout in the Hamab region of the province on the evening of the 29th, killing 13 armed elements and injuring 17 others.

Varsida, a spokesman for the Parwan provincial government in eastern Afghanistan, told reporters on the 30th that in the early morning of the day, more than 200 Taliban militants planned to launch an attack on the security checkpoint in the Safi Mountains area of ​​the province. After receiving the information, the troops launched an air attack on them, killing 17 armed elements on the spot and forcing them to retreat.

The Taliban have not commented on these incidents.

Source: 新华网

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