An Indian family held a wedding regardless of the epidemic situation, or caused at least 79 people to be infected with the COVID-19 virus

China News, June 30, according to the Hindustan Times, on the 30th local time, government officials in Bihar, India said that at least 79 of the newly diagnosed COVID-19s in the state were previously diagnosed in 6 People who attended the same wedding in the middle of the month, and it is expected that more people will be infected.

According to reports, the government of Bihar State in India said that the state added 394 newly diagnosed cases on the 30th, of which at least 79 confirmed persons attended the same wedding on June 15.

It is reported that the groom had a fever on the wedding day, but with the persuasion of his parents, he took the medicine and held the wedding as planned. However, two days after the wedding, the groom died. His family cremated the body before they tested the new coronavirus. Subsequently, the family moved away.

Reports that as the news of the death of the bridegroom spread, people who attended or related to the wedding began to flock to the hospital to ask for a COVID-19 virus test.

A local health official said that about 300 guest test samples are currently collected, and the number of positive cases may be higher.

India has added nearly 20,000 newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19s for two consecutive days, with cumulative confirmed cases exceeding 500,000.

Source: 中国新闻网

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