Global Epidemic Evening News | The United States added more than 40,000 for five consecutive days, and Britain and Australia partially re-blocked

The global epidemic of COVID-19 continues to develop, and the epidemic in the Americas, South Asia, and the Middle East is still spreading rapidly. The number of newly diagnosed cases in the world is still high, with more than 150,000 cases in recent days.

According to the incomplete statistics of Peng Mei News, as of 19:00, June 30, Beijing time, there have been 213 countries and regions outside of China that have experienced a COVID-19 epidemic, with a total of more than 10.34 million diagnosed cases and more than a total of deaths. 504,000 cases.

Compared to yesterday, there were more than 161,000 newly diagnosed cases and more than 3800 new deaths in a single day abroad.

The United States, Brazil and India are still the three countries with the largest number of newly diagnosed cases in the world.

The number of newly confirmed cases in the United States for five consecutive days is higher than 40,000; the number of newly confirmed cases in Brazil in the past two days is less than 30,000, which is a decrease from the previous few days; India has continued More than 18,000 newly confirmed cases were added on the 4th.

The number of newly diagnosed cases per day in Russia has been below 7000 for five consecutive days, and it is showing a downward trend.

Saudi Arabia is the country with the fastest growing epidemic in the Middle East. The number of newly confirmed cases in the past four days is close to 4,000, but the country has relatively few deaths and the mortality rate of confirmed cases is less than 1% .

South Africa, the country with the worst epidemic, has accumulated more than 140,000 confirmed cases. The cumulative confirmed cases in Egypt and Nigeria in Africa are also high.

As the number of new cases has risen sharply, the city of Leicester in central England has been "blocked" again, and the operation of non-essential retail stores has been temporarily suspended. Some areas of Melbourne, Australia have also re-implemented the "home blockade" measure.

According to the statistics of the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), as of the evening of the 29th, 110 new cases were confirmed in Japan that day, and more than 100 were added for the second consecutive day.

In Indonesia, 71 new deaths are reported in a single day, setting a record since the country’s outbreak.

The Director General of the World Health Organization Tan Desai said on the 29th that all countries will face the "new normal" coexisting with the new coronavirus in the coming months.

Source: 澎湃新闻

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