The Chinese Embassy in India issued a statement on India blocking some Chinese mobile apps: suspected of violating WTO rules

On June 29, the Ministry of Information Technology of India issued an announcement citing relevant laws and regulations, deciding to block part of China based on the so-called "activities that undermine Indian sovereignty and integrity, Indian defense, national security, and public order." Mobile apps are in use in India. China expresses its strong concern and firmly opposes this.

Indian measures selectively target certain Chinese applications, discriminatory restrictions are imposed, the reasons are vague and far-fetched, the procedures are unfair and open, abuse of national security exceptions, suspected violations of WTO rules, and international The general trend of trade and e-commerce development runs counter to each other, and it is not conducive to the interests of Indian consumers and promote market competition.

The related applications have a large number of users in India. They have been operating strictly in accordance with Indian laws and regulations, and provide efficient and prompt services for Indian consumers, creators and entrepreneurs. The Indian bans not only affect the employment of local Indian employees who support these applications, but also affect the interests of Indian users and the employment and livelihoods of many creators and entrepreneurs.

We hope that India recognizes the mutually beneficial nature of China-India economic and trade cooperation, and urges India to change relevant discriminatory practices, proceed from the fundamental interests of both parties and the overall situation of China-India relations, and maintain the momentum of China-India economic and trade cooperation To treat all investment companies and service providers in India from all countries equally and create an open, fair and just business environment. (Reporter Wang Jianbing from the main station)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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