Fuchs urges states to follow restart steps

June 30, local time, National Allergy And Fuch, director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases and a top infectious disease expert, said at a Senate hearing that he was "very concerned" about the increase in confirmed cases in Florida, Texas, California and Arizona. Reversing these trends made his recommendations.

Fochi said that it is necessary to ensure that the states follow the restart guidelines when restarting. Now, several states have seen different progress. Perhaps some states have gone too fast and skipped some steps.

When asked about the school’s reopening, Fuch said that it depends on the “epidemic situation” in the specific location of the school.

Forge said that if there is a certain "infection dynamic" in the area where the school is located, you can "do something creatively", including modifying the school schedule, alternating classes, and using virtual teaching under certain circumstances. . He emphasized that it is very important for children to return to school because of the "unexpected negative consequences" that children continue to miss classes.

When asked how many deaths and infections there will be in the United States before the end of the epidemic, Foch said he cannot make accurate predictions, but this will be "very disturbing."

Fochi said that there are now more than 40,000 confirmed cases per day in the United States. If the current trend cannot be reversed, he will not be surprised if the number of newly diagnosed cases reaches 100,000 in the future ".

Foch also said that Americans must stop gathering in bars.

Fochi said: "We should not view public health measures as an obstacle to restarting. We should view it as a tool for restarting."

At the same time, Foch also It said that there is currently no guarantee that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in early 2021. "There is currently no guarantee. Anyone involved in the development of vaccines will tell you that we will have safe and effective vaccines, but we will adopt a cautious and optimistic attitude." Foch said at the Senate hearing that day. (Gu Xiang, CCTV reporter)

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