Iranian Foreign Minister speaks at Security Council video conference

According to Iran’s official news agency Yitong News, local time On the 30th, the UN Security Council held a video conference, and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif spoke at the conference through video.

Zalif said that the unilateral act of the United States is the main reason for convening this meeting. The United States not only violates UN resolutions but also threatens other parties to adopt the same approach. But so far, the UN Security Council has not convened any meeting to investigate the violations of the US government, and now some European member states are also further violating UN resolutions by violating their Iraqi nuclear agreement commitments. In order to cover up its actions, the United States exerted pressure on the UN Secretariat to try to misinterpret Security Council Resolution 2231. At present, although Iran has taken some measures to reduce the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, it has not affected the IAEA’s supervision and verification of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, so there is no risk of nuclear proliferation.

Zalif said that the United States has always caused damage to regional peace and stability by supporting terrorists, selling weapons, and stationing troops. Such a regime is ridiculously accusing Iran of "intervention" in its own region. Iran hopes to cooperate with all neighboring countries to build a strong region. To this end, Iranian President Ruhani proposed the Hormuz peace plan. Countries in the region can maintain regional peace and stability, and there is no need for the United States, who is 6,000 miles away, to dictate.

Zalif said that the United States illegally unilaterally withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement and re-implemented sanctions, which means that the United States should bear responsibility in accordance with Resolution 2231 and the United Nations Charter and applicable international law. At the same time, the United States ignored the ruling of the International Court of Justice and should compensate all damages caused by the Iranian people. (Reporter Ni Zihui)

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