400 ventilators purchased from China arrive in Peru

Tuesday, June 30, local time La Scala held a press conference to inform the country of the latest progress in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Biscala said that 400 ventilators purchased from China arrived in Peru that day and will be put into use immediately, further improving the country's ability to treat new patients with severe pneumonia. On the other hand, Biscala revealed that the government is studying and formulating an economic stimulus plan dedicated to helping the country’s agricultural enterprises recover. It is expected that it will be officially implemented in August after approval by the Ministerial Committee.

On the same day, the leader of the Peruvian National Anti-COVID-19 Outbreak Team Masetti said that the government is still investigating whether the mandatory use of protective masks and related policies can further reduce the virus infection rate. Masetti emphasized that at present, most countries in the world only require mandatory use of masks, but no matter what kind of protective equipment is adopted, correct wearing and use can play an ideal protective effect.

According to the report of the Peruvian Ministry of Health on the 30th, in the past 24 hours, there were 2848 new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the country, with a total of 285213 confirmed cases. There were 173 new deaths and a total of 9677 deaths. (Journalist Liao Junhua)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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