Airbus announces the largest layoff plan in history to cut 15,000 jobs

Airbus announced the largest layoffs in history plans to cut 15,000 jobs globally

Airbus announced on June 30 that it will cut 1.5 worldwide by the summer of 2021. Ten thousand jobs. This is the largest layoff plan in the history of Airbus.

Airbus was jointly established by Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain. The company held a special meeting with representatives of the four countries on the 30th and announced plans to lay off employees. In a news bulletin issued by Airbus, Airbus stated that due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of global commercial flights has decreased by about 40% in recent months, and the commercial aviation industry has also been affected. In view of the fact that at least 2023, or even 2025, the world’s aviation activities will not be able to recover to the level before the outbreak of COVID-19, therefore, Airbus must take action to respond.

Airbus said that layoffs will continue from this fall to the summer of 2021. The layoffs accounted for about 11% of the company's total employees. It is reported that Germany will lay off 5,100 people, France will lay off 5,000 people, Britain will lay off 1,700 people, Spain will lay off 900 people, and other countries and regions in the world will cut 1300 people in total. (Reporter Jia Yanning)

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