Chinese Consulate General in Jordan: A Chinese citizen dies of COVID-19

(Fighting against COVID-19) Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg: One Chinese citizen died of COVID-19

China News Network Johannesburg, June 30 (Reporter Wang Xi) Chinese Consul General in Johannesburg The pavilion issued a circular on the evening of the 30th, confirming that a Chinese citizen died in Johannesburg because of infection with the COVID-19 pneumonia virus.

The notice pointed out that since the Chinese Consulate General in Jordan received the first case report of a COVID-19 case diagnosed by a Chinese citizen in the consular district in early June, as of June 30, more than 20 people had been registered to confirm the diagnosis Infected with COVID-19, the vast majority of patients are mild or asymptomatic, and have taken home isolation, medical treatment or hospitalization, and some patients have recovered or been discharged.

However, a Chinese citizen from Johannesburg experienced a cold-like symptom in early and mid-June. He was hospitalized after a positive nucleic acid test and died on June 30 due to ineffective medical treatment. The Chinese Consulate General in Jordan expressed condolences to the deceased Chinese citizens and expressed condolences to their families.

As the country with the most severe COVID-19 outbreak in Africa, as of press time, South Africa’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 144,264 cases and 2,529 deaths, ranking 18th in the world. Since entering June, in order to accelerate the pace of economic recovery, the South African government has lowered the level of the "blockade order" of the epidemic and eased restrictions on personnel activities. But soon, the situation of South Africa's COVID-19 epidemic turned sharply: daily new cases have reached new highs, the number of people diagnosed and the speed of growth have increased rapidly, and the pressure of local epidemic prevention and control is increasing day by day.

In response, the Chinese consulate general in Johor Bahru reminded the Chinese community and Chinese citizens to continue to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, and not to take the local ban measures down and take it lightly, putting physical health and life safety first. Good personal protection, enhance safety awareness, avoid unnecessary going out and social activities, and develop good hygiene habits. (End)

Source: 中国新闻网

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