Political manipulation can't make life-saving straw (bells)

In the face of the COVID-19 virus that humans are facing together, US Secretary of State Pompeo always ignores the facts and makes nonsense, and continues to discredit China through the epidemic, with no moral bottom line. Behind all these lies, there are more than 2.56 million diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in the United States and more than 125,000 deaths. It is the disappointment and severe criticism of the US society on the current state of the country’s ineffective response to the epidemic. Compared with the two, the world can better understand Pompeo's cold and hypocritical appearance of trying to divert his attention, pass on contradictions, and look for "scapegoats", as well as the ugly performance of Pompeo's politicization of the epidemic. The essence of all this is that some people always put political self-interest above the health and safety of the American people.

Combating the epidemic is inseparable from real wishes and tangible actions. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have always insisted on the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, and spared no effort to save lives. China has always adhered to an open, transparent and responsible attitude to promptly publish information on the epidemic to the international community. It is recognized by the fair public opinion of the international community that the "global live broadcast" of China's anti-epidemic actions has nothing to hide from the world. To this day, the "Live China" channel of the "learning power" client has been aimed at the streets and squares of Wuhan day and night. The white paper "China Action Against COVID-19 Epidemic" released by the Chinese government truly records the facts of 126 important time nodes in 5 stages of China's anti-epidemic process. The truth is that China adheres to its clear attitude of being responsible to the people and to life, responding to extraordinary things with extraordinary actions, and fully protecting the people's right to life and health. The truth is that China's 108-year-old man, and babies as young as 30 hours after birth, can get full treatment. The truth is that China has come up with an anti-epidemic response that can stand the test of time and history.

Resolving the worries of the United States, how can we rely on the "throwing the pan" to blame the frauds! According to statistics from the US media in May this year, more than one-third of deaths in 31 US states came from nursing homes. Under such a severe epidemic situation, some American politicians who talked about democracy and human rights "doctrines" were all contemplating the creation of enemies other than the COVID-19 Virus. They had no interest in containing the epidemic and protecting the lives of the American people. .

Pompeio's lies, which are contrary to science, common sense and axiom, have been ruthlessly pierced by facts. He accused China of "letting the new coronavirus spread all over the world." However, virus tracing studies in Canada, France, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Japan and other countries have shown that the vast majority of cases in the countries concerned are not from China. The "New York Times" recently published an article entitled "Why the United States Exports Coronavirus", pointing out that the United States, as the world's country with the largest number of COVID-19 cases, is currently repatriating thousands of illegal immigrants, many of which are COVID-19s. People infected with viruses. According to reports, the Guatemalan government's report at the end of April showed that nearly one-fifth of the country's infection cases were related to those deported from the United States.

Virus tracing is a scientific issue that requires scientists and medical experts to conduct research and draw scientific conclusions based on facts and evidence. A recent study by the University of Barcelona in Spain found that a new coronavirus was detected in a Barcelona wastewater sample collected in March last year, and studies in many places in Europe have reached similar conclusions. The global scientific community continues to work hard to trace the source of the new coronavirus. Pompeo watched his own fictional claim that "the virus originated in Wuhan, China" went bankrupt in the face of the facts, and still refused to let go of it. Recently, he has continued to lie about the lies that can't come up with a little scientific evidence. , Shameless.

Pompeo’s so-called “crimes” for China’s Luozhi show exactly the value orientation of some American politicians in responding to the epidemic-self-interested short-sightedness, willfulness, inefficiency, and irresponsibility. British "Economist" magazine pointed out that Pompeo has a long history of nonsense, his remarks against China "obviously to distract people from the US side to fight the epidemic." The US “Washington Post” criticized Pompeo’s blatant politicization of the epidemic, which made him the most bleak and inefficient Secretary of State in people’s memories. Interests, deaf to moral impropriety."

Political manipulation can’t be a life-saving straw. As the world's most developed and mature country in medical technology, the situation of the US epidemic has not improved so far, which is both painful and puzzling. It is also worth reflecting on by some American politicians. Life is the most precious. Once again, I advise some politicians in the United States to put away the trick of "scrapping the pot" and blame, abandon the vices that only political self-interest is for the sake of the sake, and put the response to the domestic epidemic in the United States as early as possible and save the lives of the people first.

Source: 人民日报

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