India deploys helicopters and drones to stop the spread of desert locusts

China News, July 1st, according to Reuters, on June 30 local time, India deployed a helicopter and more than a dozen drones to spray pesticides to stop the spread of desert locusts. These locusts It has spread to nine regions of the country.

At present, India, the world’s second largest producer of rice and wheat, is fighting the worst desert locust plague in decades, using 12 drones to track the movement of locusts and locusts. Swarm spray insecticide.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation of India has revised regulations to allow state government officials to use drones at night. Experts say the move may help control the spread of locusts.

At the same time, India has used professional vehicles and fire trucks for spraying in at least nine densely populated states in the North, Central and West.

In addition, the Indian Minister of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare stated that the government had also ordered five new helicopter spray systems from the United Kingdom for installation on Indian Air Force helicopters.

The Federal Government of India also stated that it has provided financial assistance to the Rajasthan government to combat locusts. The locust swarm was first discovered in Rajasthan.

Last week, a large number of locust swarms entered Gurgaon, Pawar, and Dwarka, the capital of Delhi, India, and are moving towards Uttar Pradesh. People immediately criticized the authorities for not taking prompt measures to stop the spread of locusts.

Source: 中国新闻网

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