More than 4,000 indigenous people in Brazil infected with the COVID-19 virus, the army sent helicopters to deliver protection

Over 4000 Indigenous peoples in Brazil are infected with the COVID-19 virus. (Source: Reuters), July 1st The epidemic in Brazil is still raging. On Tuesday (June 30) local time, the Brazilian military dispatched helicopters to deliver protective materials and medicines to remote indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest, and conducted a new coronavirus test on local residents.

According to Reuters reports, the Brazilian military used a Blackhawk helicopter to airlift supplies to a military border post deep in the tropical rainforest, including masks, alcohol gel, gloves, testing supplies and medicines .

No residents have been tested positive in this round, but the new coronavirus pandemic has threatened hundreds of indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Due to the long-term "isolation", these tribes have no resistance to external diseases, and their concentrated lifestyle is not conducive to maintaining social distance.

Jarbas de Souza, Brazil’s naval medical team leader, said: “The main objective of this joint operation of the armed forces is to monitor the nearby villages for signs of the spread of the new coronavirus.” Previously, there was public opinion in Brazil The right-wing government criticized by President Bossonaro did not do enough to protect the indigenous people from the virus.

"They are scared," said Elaine Maciel, the regional office of the government’s Indigenous Affairs Agency, "This is an unknown virus for them, and it is for us. Many People would rather isolate themselves than trust the medical team."

According to data from the Brazilian Geographical Statistics Bureau, there are 890,000 indigenous people in Brazil, accounting for 0.4% of the country’s population, of which the original in the Amazon region The infection rate and mortality rate of the New Coronavirus residents have been higher than the national level. The Brazilian Indigenous Life and Memory Commission said on the 25th that at least 111 of the 305 indigenous tribes in the country have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The data on June 24 showed that there were 4,000 indigenous people in Brazil infected with the new coronavirus, and 128 of them died. (Overseas Website/Wei Xuewei Internship Compilation/Wu Yishu)

Source: 海外网

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