20 new cases of COVID-19s in Greece opened the "ultimate unblocking" mode

Zhongxin.com, July 1. According to a report from the Greek-Chinese Greek Times, at 18:00 local time on June 30, the Greek Ministry of Health announced that in the past 24 hours, Greece has added 20 new cases of COVID-19s, and the cumulative diagnosis 3409 cases; 1 new death, 192 total deaths. As the epidemic situation stabilized, Greek society opened the "ultimate deblocking" model.

According to reports, the Greek government spokesperson Pesas said at a news conference on June 30: "From this week, cinemas, theaters, casinos, cable car services, children The camps and cultural associations have reopened. Tomorrow (July 1), all airports in the country will be restarted, and international flights will also increase."

It should be noted that Greece has been in June On the 29th, it was decided to prohibit all direct flights between the United Kingdom and Sweden until July 15, 2020.

Information: Athens International Airport, Greece .

In addition, on June 30th, Greek Tourism Minister Harris Theo Harris and Germany’s largest tourism operator TUI Group also signed a strategic agreement to support the development of tourism in Greece .

Pessas said: "This is a very important agreement, which shows that the TUI Group, one of the most important strategic partners of the Greek tourism industry, gives priority to China’s European tourism purpose as a promotion to customers. In addition, this agreement will also help the recovery of the Greek tourism industry after suffering an unprecedented impact."

Pesas emphasized that on July 1, Greece’s airports, ports and seven in the north After the border ports are fully opened, the government will ensure the health and safety of tourists, residents and tourism practitioners to the greatest extent. He said: "As Prime Minister Mizotakis has repeatedly pointed out, the New Corona virus has not disappeared. We must not relax, otherwise the previous achievements will be defeated."

Source: 中国新闻网

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