TikTok's overseas version of TikTok was blocked by India, the software was hidden but still downloadable

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India announced on the 29th that it banned 59 Chinese mobile phone applications including TikTok.

On July 1st, according to Reuters, TikTok, the overseas short video product of ByteDance, has not been searched in Google and Apple’s Indian app stores, and TikTok, which has been downloaded on the phone, cannot display any video. .

However, US media Bussiness Insider reported that although the TikTok app is hidden in the search results of the Play Store and App Store, users can still use Google search to find it and download it.

India is TikTok’s largest overseas market. According to Sensor Tower data, last month, India was the country where TikTok received the most new users, accounting for 20% of the app’s nearly 112 million downloads worldwide. Just last year, ByteDance also announced plans to invest $1 billion in India and recruited many senior managers to develop the Indian market.

On June 29, the Indian government announced that India forbids 59 Chinese applications, including TikTok and WeChat, due to “security” considerations. National security and public order.

Regarding the Indian ban, on June 30, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference. He said that China is strongly concerned about the relevant announcements from India and is understanding the verification situation.

Zhao Lijian emphasized that the Chinese government has always required Chinese companies to carry out external cooperation on the basis of abiding by international rules and local laws and regulations. The Indian government is responsible for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of international investors, including Chinese companies, in accordance with market principles. The cooperation between China and India in a pragmatic field is mutually beneficial and win-win. This pattern of cooperation has been artificially damaged and is actually not in India’s own interest.

Source: 澎湃新闻

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