12 people drowned in the "Death Beach" in Alexandria, Egypt

According to the Egyptian media report on the 10th, Egypt’s Alexander holiday The District Central Administration announced the same day (10th) that a drowning of 12 people occurred in Palm Beach, known as "Death Beach", near the Sigmi area in western Alexandria.

A preliminary investigation by the Alexander Police revealed that the drowned person entered the closed beach in violation of the rules to swim, leading to tragedy.

At present, the police have found 9 bodies of drowned people, and the water rescue team of the civil defense department is searching for the bodies of other drowned people.

Since March this year, the province of Alexandria has closed 61 beaches in the province in accordance with the cabinet’s epidemic prevention requirements. The Central Authority of the Alexandria Tourism Resort calls on citizens to strictly implement anti-epidemic regulations to ensure personal safety. (Reporter Wu Aimin from the main station)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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