Iraqi militia organization was killed 3 and 2 injured by roadside bomb attack

Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, July 11 (Reporter Bai Ping) Iraqi police officials said on the 11th that Shiite militias armed the “People’s Mobilization Organization” encountered a roadside bomb attack in Diyala province in eastern Iraq that day, causing 3 deaths 2 injuries.

Diarra police officer Saadi told Xinhua News Agency on the 11th that the "People’s Mobilization Organization" was a militant of the Islamic State in the northeastern Qing Dynasty in Bagubai, the capital of Diyala province. A roadside bomb attack resulted in casualties.

Saadi said that “People’s Mobilization Organization” killed an “Islamic State” militant in another anti-Islamist campaign against the “Islamic State” militants on the same day.

In December 2017, Iraq announced a historic victory against the "Islamic State", but there are still some extremists in Iraq waiting to launch attacks. Recently, the remnants of the "Islamic State" have frequently made attacks in many places in Iraq, and the Iraqi security forces have also stepped up their squads.

Source: 新华网

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