Send a wreath of condolences Wen Zaiyin and Park Yuanchun passed by

Lu Yingmin, head of the Secretary of the Blue House of the Korean Presidential Palace, said on the 10th that President Wen Jae-yin was "very shocked" by the death of Seoul Mayor Park Won-chun and recalled the two students passing by the same class.

People from South Korea’s political, civic, religious, and other circles went to the Lingtang Hospital at Seoul University Hospital to express their condolences, including Lu Yingmin. Wen Zaiyin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Finance Hong Nanji and others sent a wreath of condolences.

Lu Yingmin recounted Wen Zaiyin's words that he had known Park Yuanchun for a long time. The two passed the Korean National Lawyer Examination together in 1980, and subsequently received judicial training at the Korean Judicial Research and Training Institution, and finally became a lawyer.

In South Korea, after passing the National Bar Examination, you need to receive judicial training before you can take up a job.

Park Yuan Chun is 64 years old. He was first elected as the mayor of Seoul in 2011 and won the third term last year. He lost contact with him on the afternoon of the 9th, and his body was discovered by the police in Beiyueshan, Seoul, at 0:00 on the 10th.

The Yonhap News Agency reported from sources that a former secretary of Park Yuan Chun reported his sexual harassment. The secretary went to the police station on the 8th to submit a report, saying that Park Yuanchun had repeatedly "made physical contact" with him and used the chat tool to send "improper" information. The police did not confirm the information related to the case. According to Korean law, the case is automatically terminated with the death of the party.

Park Yuanchun is affiliated with the ruling party Common Democratic Party. During the 2017 presidential election, Park Yuan Chun was once regarded as a potential presidential candidate. However, he received low support at the time and eventually gave up running. According to the Associated Press, Park Yuan Chun is regarded as a popular candidate for the 2022 presidential election.

The Yonhap News Agency reported that Park Yuan-chun’s funeral was held in Seoul’s special city funeral for a period of 5 days and 13 funerals.

Qingwatai announced that it had postponed its plan to announce a series of new measures to boost the economy on the 13th until the 14th. The Yonhap News Agency explained that this move was obviously to avoid conflict with Park Yuan-chun’s funeral.

Source: 新华网

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