Trump wears masks in public for the first time!

CNN: The staff asked him

China Daily, July 12th, according to the Associated Press, the number of new cases of COVID-19 in the United States is high. On the 11th local time, when US President Trump visited the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the first time, Was seen wearing masks in public.

Trump visited the wounded soldiers and medical staff who took care of patients with COVID-19 during the outbreak. He arrived at the inspection hospital by helicopter.

Before leaving, he told reporters at the White House: "Especially when you are in the hospital, I think you should wear a mask." CNN said that Trump wearing a mask in public is the result of strong pleading by the staff. Because the staff believed that he could set an example for the American people.

However, even wearing a mask, someone inevitably criticizes and satirizes Trump. ABC's White House correspondent Ben Tracy tweeted: "Photos are coming! The importance of wearing masks has been downplayed for several months. This photo is definitely taken."

Yes Netizens said in the comments: "My God! This is simply big news!" Other netizens said: "Should we applaud and cheer? It took five months to put on a mask." Some netizens said ironically: "He looks much better now, he should cover his entire face."

Source: 中国日报网

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