4000 volunteers registered to test the new German crown vaccine

German media reports that about 4,000 volunteers have been registered as testers in the COVID-19 vaccine project being developed at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Peter Kremsner, director of the vaccine research and development project, told Dexin News Agency on the 10th: “It’s really rare, and it’s different from ordinary clinical trials. Usually, it’s difficult for us to get enough testers.”

Tubingen University Clinic launched a clinical trial in mid-June to test the tolerability of a vaccine developed by the "cure" vaccine company. Since then, approximately 50 people have been vaccinated. According to Kremsner, no side effects have occurred.

Kremsner said everything has been good so far. But he added that the research has not shown exciting results or findings.

Dexin News Agency reported that not all registered volunteers can participate in the test. In addition to clinical trials at the University of Tübingen clinic, 168 volunteers were vaccinated at the test centers in Ghent, Belgium, Hanover, Germany, and Munich.

Tubingen University Clinic's test is the first stage. If it is successful, the follow-up will significantly increase the number of testers.

It is understood that the "healing" company is working to develop a COVID-19 vaccine for mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid). The messenger ribonucleic acid is a messenger molecule that contains manufacturing instructions to produce proteins. After inoculation, human cells produce new coronavirus proteins, which allow the body to recognize them as foreigners, produce antibodies and cooperate with immune cells to fight it. (Zhuang Beining) [Xinhua News Agency Micro Feature]

Source: 新华网

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