Security Council passes resolution on extension of Syrian cross-border humanitarian assistance authorization

China News Agency, United Nations, July 11th-The UN Security Council passed the decision on the extension of the Syrian cross-border humanitarian assistance authorization with 12 votes and 3 abstentions, and decided to extend the authorization of the Al Hawa cross-border point for 12 months to July 10, 2021. China, Russia and Dominica have abstained in the resolution. Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, made an explanatory statement.

Zhang Jun emphasized that China has consistently advocated that the international community should increase humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people on the basis of respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. China encourages relevant parties to strengthen communication and cooperation with the Syrian government, promote the Syrian government to play an active role, and strive to eliminate obstacles in cross-line humanitarian relief work to meet the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people.

Zhang Jun said that China has always reserved its attitude towards the cross-border humanitarian rescue mechanism, but considering the actual situation in Syria, China does not oppose the extension of the cross-border humanitarian rescue authorization, and believes that it should respond accordingly to the development of the situation Adjustment. We have noticed that the latest draft submitted by Germany and Belgium reiterated its commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, and made further adjustments to the cross-border mechanism to take a new step in the right direction.

Zhang Jun pointed out that years of illegal sanctions have exacerbated the Syrian economic and humanitarian crisis, leading to the collapse of people’s livelihood, the lives of innocent civilians, and the severely weakened Syrian ability to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic. United Nations Secretary-General Guterres and Pei Kairu’s envoys have repeatedly called on the countries concerned to lift unilateral coercive measures, and have won the support of the vast majority of UN Member States. We thank most Council members for supporting China’s position.

Zhang Jun said that in the face of the impact of the epidemic, lifting unilateral coercive measures is more important and urgent for improving the humanitarian situation in Syria. China calls on the Security Council to face this important issue and requests the UN Secretariat to fully evaluate the impact of unilateral coercive measures on the humanitarian situation in Syria. We urge the United States to immediately lift unilateral coercive measures against Syria, stop causing greater harm to the lives and lives of Syrian people, stop politicizing humanitarian issues and hypocritical political shows, and embody responsible attitudes and humanitarian spirit with practical actions.

Zhang Jun reiterated that the political, counter-terrorism, security, humanitarian and other factors should be considered in an integrated manner, and the Syrian issue should be dealt with in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner. China calls on relevant parties to strengthen dialogue and consultation, and actively promote the political process of "Syrian-led, Syrian-owned". China will continue to promote a peaceful, just and proper settlement of the Syrian issue at an early date in a responsible and constructive manner. (End)

Source: 中国新闻网

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