For the epidemic prevention, Hollywood opened a new way to kiss

Intimate scenes are unavoidable when making a TV series about love. As the COVID-19 epidemic rages, how can it not only express a romantic plot but also allow actors to keep a safe distance from each other? A Hollywood film crew in the United States gave the answer.

The crew of the TV series "Bold and Beautiful" asked the actor's spouse to act as a substitute for the opponent's actor when he was filming hugs and kisses.

Actress Katrina Bowden has a scene in which she kisses the actor Darling Brooks excitedly. Executive producer Bradley Bell told The Associated Press that they asked Bowden’s husband and musician Ben Jorgenson to perform this scene instead of Brooks. The camera was shot at the back of Jorgensen’s head. forest".

Another actress, Denise Richards, has a similar scene, and she looks forward to her husband Aron Fepers acting as her substitute.

In addition, the crew also tried to use the dummy model as a stand-in, or the actress and the dummy model "standing" outside the camera gazed affectionately, and the lens only took close-up shots of the actors.

Alicia Rodis, a senior love drama consultant, believes that romantic scenes are inevitable and necessary, because "intimate physical contact is a natural thing."

She said: "Even under special conditions, we have to find ways to continue to tell these (romantic) stories." (Ou Sa) [Xinhua Newsletter]

Source: 新华网

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