Deepen friendship and create a better future

On July 11, an online forum on "Cooperation between China and the Middle East under the COVID-19: Traditional Friendship and Creating the Future" was held in Beijing. Participants discussed the topics of anti-epidemic cooperation between China and the Middle East countries, and prospects for cooperation between China and the Middle East in the post-epidemic era. The forum was co-sponsored by the National High-end Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China African Research Institute, and the University of Sharjah, UAE. On both ends of the video, the sincere friendship between the people of China and the Middle East countries has become stronger due to the fight against the epidemic.

At the most difficult time for China’s fight against epidemics, the leaders of the Middle East countries and the heads of regional organizations such as the Arab League and the GCC have expressed their condolences to China. Governments and people of various countries have given China support and Help; China feels the impact of the epidemic situation suffered by the Middle East countries, assisted a large amount of materials, shared the experience and technology of anti-epidemic medicine unreservedly, organized an expert video conference, and sent a medical expert team...

The guests believed that The experience of China and the Middle East countries in fighting the epidemic fully shows that unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapon for the international community to overcome the epidemic.

Xie Fuzhan, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the new experience created by China and the Middle East countries in uniting against epidemic disease has further consolidated the foundation for the stable and long-term strategic cooperation between the two sides. "In the joint fight against the epidemic, the traditional friendship between the two sides has been maintained and sublimated, cooperation has been closer, mutual trust has been strengthened, and friendship has deepened."

Regarding this, Hamid Namii, President of the University of Sharjah, UAE Quite agree. He said: "We support and cooperate with each other, the Chinese people donated anti-epidemic materials to us, and UAE companies have also contributed to China's anti-epidemic." The former Palestinian ambassador to China Mustafa Safazhini said that the Arab The cooperation between the country and China during the epidemic situation has truly demonstrated that Afghanistan and China are a community of shared destiny. "The world today is more closely connected than ever before," said former Prime Minister of Egypt Isam Sharif.

The Chinese Government’s Special Envoy for the Middle East Zhai Jun believes that whether it is to respond to the epidemic, or to restore the economy, stabilize the society, and safeguard the interests of the country and the nation, we must take the road of solidarity and cooperation, and must take the road of fairness and justice. All should adhere to multilateralism. Turki Faisal, chairman of the King Faisal Islamic Studies Center in Saudi Arabia, strongly agreed: "We all support the further strengthening and improvement of the global governance system with the United Nations at its core, and hope that all countries will work together to eliminate poverty and strengthen international trade.

The Arabic proverb says: “Language is the leaf, and action is the fruit.” Participants believed that the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road” between China and the Middle East countries has obvious demonstration effects, multiple infrastructures and The people's livelihood project played an active role in fighting the epidemic. Facing the future, China and the Middle East countries should continue to strengthen cooperation in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, work together for post-epidemic recovery and economic development, and safeguard the well-being and sustainable growth of the people of both sides.

(Reporter from Beijing, July 11th)

Source: 人民网-人民日报

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