Inter-American Football Club matches will return in September

On July 10th local time, South American Football Federation confirmed that the two club intercontinental events will return in September. The South American Libertadores Cup will continue the group stage competition from September 15; the South American Cup will continue the second phase of the knockout from October 27. The finals of both events will be held in January 2021.

The event will be empty The form or other forms will be determined according to the epidemic situation. At present, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Chile under the South American Football Association have set the rematch time. Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia have not resumed sports events due to the outbreak. If there are still countries unable to participate in the epidemic in September, the South American Football Association requires the club to choose another home for training and competition in other countries.

The South American Football Association has also formulated a series of health and epidemic prevention regulations for the club during training and competitions. For example, the club should be equipped with health and epidemic prevention inspectors. Perform nucleic acid testing before the start of the game and before each trip.

(Reporter Liu Xin)

Source: 央视新闻客户端

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