US officials accused Wuhan of deliberately exporting viruses abroad, but the facts slap

On July 3, local time, Peter Navarro, director of the National Trade and Manufacturing Policy Office of the White House in the United States, claimed in an interview with MSNBC TV, "While China is blocking the transportation network between Wuhan and cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, It allows tens of thousands of Chinese citizens to fly freely to all parts of the world, and deliberately allows infected Chinese citizens to go to the United States, Italy and anywhere in between."

People's Daily English client reporter Relevant information obtained exclusively from Hubei Airport Group shows that in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport suspended all domestic and international commercial flights from January 23 until April 8, Wuhan domestic passenger flights It gradually returned to normal. However, its international passenger flights continue to be suspended. To date, no international passenger flights have left Hong Kong except for charter flights for foreign evacuees.


The situation of foreign evacuation charter flights

Planning: Tian Doudou Ni Tao Qiao Wai Wang Xiangyu Huo Ruixi (intern) Yang Shiqi (intern)

Source: 人民日报英文客户端

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