Indian movie star Baqiang diagnosed with new coronavirus

Xinhua News Agency, Mumbai, July 12th (Reporter Zhang Xingjun) Bollywood movie star Amitaba Baqiang and his son have confirmed on their personal social media accounts on the evening of the 11th that they have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. Admitted to hospital in Mumbai.

Baqiang, 77, is a household name in India. He tweeted in the middle of the night on the 11th and said, "I have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus and admitted to the hospital... My family and employees have also been tested for the new coronavirus, and the specific results are still waiting." He also reminded the past People who have close contact with themselves within 10 days are tested.

Baqiang’s son Abisek Baqiang also tweeted that the father and son were simultaneously diagnosed with the new coronavirus with mild symptoms.

In 1973, Baqiang played the leading role in the movie "Shackles" and was a great success, marking the beginning of the Indian movie "Amitaba Baqiang era". One of his most important works is the film "Wall" starring in 1975.

In more than 50 years of film career, Ba Qiang has shot about 200 films and performed various types of roles. Because of his outstanding acting skills, he has won several awards including the Indian National Film Award. Ba Qiang also worked as a film producer, TV host and singer, and briefly dabbled in politics in the 1980s, and was once elected a member of the Indian Parliament.

Indian official data shows that on the 11th, 27,114 new cases of COVID-19s were confirmed in India, marking the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day for the third consecutive day. At present, a total of 820,916 cases have been diagnosed in India, 515,386 cases have been cured, and 22,123 cases have died.

Source: 新华网

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