In this circle of friends of 1.9 billion people, big things happen every day

In Indonesia

SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Indonesian manufacturing base

One assembly of “Indonesia-made” Wuling is off the assembly line

The “God Car” that went abroad has created many jobs for the locals


Become a "treasure bowl" for local development

In Laos

The first communication satellite launched with the help of China

< p>Lao Tara can watch directly at home

"Journey to the West", "Zhen Huan Biography" and many other TV programs


At the Dongxing port in Guangxi, a batch of Vietnamese trucks are waiting in line to prepare for customs clearance (photo taken on June 8). Published by Xinhua News Agency (photo by Lin Min)

in Malaysia

in Cambodia

in Myanmar


Ten years ago

The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area covering 1.9 billion people was officially completed

Yunnan Wanding Aquatic Products Market staff are moving from Myanmar Goods (photographed June 22). Xinhua News Agency (photo by Peng Shana)

Ten years later

ASEAN is China’s largest trading partner

Even if it encounters COVID-19 Epidemic

The integration process is still in progress

The “Friends Circle” has new news every day

As China’s gateway to ASEAN< /em>

The Beibu Gulf Port turned against the trend in the first six months of this year

Completed container throughput of 2.804 million TEUs

A year-on-year increase of about 28.54%



A freighter docked at Qinzhou Port, Guangxi, waiting to load and unload containers (Photo taken on April 11, 2019). Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Yiming photo

The beginning of the next decade

China and ASEAN

We will work together to build a closer community of destiny


Build a "Friend Circle" with more frequent interactions

Text reporters: Wang Junwei, Pan Qiang, Yao Bing, Huang Yaoteng

Video reporters: Qin Guanghua, Huang Kaiying, Yang Chi, Hao Guangpeng


Source: 新华社

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